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Aqualid ductile iron

Single Seal, Solid Top
ADS 3015 ADS 3031 ADS 6015 ADS 6064 ADS 9061
Double Seal, Solid Top
ADD 3001 ADD 3002 ADD 4501 ADD 4502 ADD 6001
ADD 6002 ADD 6004 ADD 8081 ADD 9001 ADD 9004
ADD 9064
Double Seal, Recessed Top
ADR 1301 ADR 1302 ADR 1401 ADR 1402 ADR 1601
ADR 1602 ADR 1961 ADR 1962 ADR 1964
Double Triangular
ADT 1504 ADT 8004 ADT 8005
ADC 7001 ADC 7004
Gully Grating Covers
ADQ 4030 ADQ 4041 ADQ 4044 ADQ 4060
Channel Grating
ADQ 7520 ADQ 7530 ADQ 7535 ADQ 7540 ADQ 7550

Aqualid ductile iron

Spheroidal graphite or ductile iron is unique form of iron which prior to the metal casting process receives a treatment with magnesium to produce an exceptionally strong, impact resistant durable metal. The Aqualid range of access covers and gratings are consistently manufactured to the highest quality in adherence with the BS EN ISO 9001 series of quality systems, approved by BSI, under the registered firm approval scheme. The product range is also certified with the prestigious British Standard Kitemark. Ductile irons high strength to weigh ratio allows for the production of light weight castings that offer what can amount to a 50% weight saving over traditional grey iron equivalents.

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